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For many years I am observing the evolution of the IT industry. Every year integrated solutions are becoming more comfortable and cheaper. Today you need to choose the right components from which you can build the system. Most of the projects with which I have worked for a long time are somehow explicitly related to the field of media. In each of the projects, there were many tasks that ten years ago would put me in a rather tricky situation — I would either have to rent expensive equipment or build my own data center. Fortunately, cloud solutions already available today. For each of the tasks, now it is possible to choose several alternative technologies from different vendors. In most of my projects, I used services based on Microsoft Azure, so most of the examples in this article this platform.

Battle for attention

It’s no secret that when working with media projects, there is a need to process and store files of a rather large size. So, a selection of raw RAW photos or an unprocessed video file can take up to several tens of gigabytes. And after processing, the material ready for broadcast and publication can take up a little less space. Do not forget about the widespread distribution of devices with high-resolution support, which require the very same high-definition video files by no means small. The Azure Storage service, in this case, will perfectly cope with the task of storing all the information. At the same time, the cost of a cloud solution will be quite affordable.

AI in the media

Separately, it is worth noting the development of services based on machine learning that allows you to implement such scenarios of using work that previously we can only dream. Here is just an incomplete list of what a video indexer from the Azure services suite allows you to do:

  • Determination of the number of speaking persons;
  • Recognition of the text shown on the video;
  • Key personnel extraction;
  • Analysis of tonality — the definition of positive, negative and neutral tonality in speech and visual text;
  • Moderation of visual content;
  • Extracting keywords from speech;
  • Definition of trademarks;
  • Celebrity identification;
  • Definition of obscene text in speech decoding;
  • Recognition of plots;
  • Recognition of emotions;
  • Translation of speech transcript into 54 different languages.

About the author

Andrey Gubsky, Ph.D., Microsoft MVP.

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Andrew Gubskiy

Andrew Gubskiy

Software Engineer, Ph.D., Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.