MVP Award 5 years anniversary

Andrew Gubskiy
3 min readJul 10, 2022

Last week I received an email from Microsoft. I received MVP award, one more time. This is my fifth award, and this is an anniversary for me, so it is good time to sum up the last years. Not many details, briefly.

Year 2017

I received my first award in 2017. At that time, I had been working with .NET platform more than nine years. I had some open-source projects, numerous technical publications. I also had a lot of successfully completed projects on .NET. One of my projects was the first project in Ukraine launched on Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Year 2018

This year I celebrated 500’000 downloads of my packages from NuGet. I also prepared an article about cloud technologies in media for Microsoft.

Year 2019

It was an eventful year. I shared my experience how we developed high load system in video Intelligence AG. In Ukrainian .NET Developers Community, we raffled tickets for Build Staff 2019. I had an open lecture about microservices architecture in my alma mater — Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. It was an anniversary of IT KPI community.

Also, this year I celebrated million downloads on NuGet.

Year 2020

COVID changed life of people over the world. We started wearing masks. We stopped working at our offices and meeting at offline events. The significant part of our life was moved into online.

This year I continued actively working on my open-source projects and on .NET digest for DOU.

Year 2021

In partnership with Lviv .NET Community we relaunched Ukrainian .NET Developer Community website which contained the information about all Ukrainian .NET communities.

On this website developers got an opportunity to see all active communities. It was relevant for the second COVID year — they can join communities where they can meet like-minded colleagues and find all information online.

Year 2022

The beginning of this year has brought the war into my country. After eight years of occupation of the territories on southeast of Ukraine, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decided to start a full-scale invasion. So, starting from February 24, all Ukrainians are looking at all things that happen through the prism of the war. I am working on open-source projects, I am working on commercial project, I am donating to support my own country, I am participating in different projects to help our defenders. I believe in the victory of my country.

I am proud to receive this anniversary award, but at the same time I am sad as it happened when my country was drawn into the war. I believe that we win this War. And our win should be not only on the battlefield. We should win at the level of values. For me these values are respect of the opinions of other people, liberal views, tolerance, and the ability to protect our own rights and freedoms.



Andrew Gubskiy

Software Architect, Ph.D., Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.