2023 Microsoft MVP Renomination: Myth Busting, Insights and a Ukrainian Perspective

Andrew Gubskiy
3 min readJul 9, 2023

Recently I received a letter that said I was recognized and awarded in the “Developer Technologies” category; this is not my first nomination, but every nomination is a pleasure and an honor to receive this award! Today I want to talk about what this means to me and this award.

What does it mean to be an MVP? For me, it’s simple — doing what interests me and sharing my investigations and experiences with others.

What is a Microsoft MVP?

The Microsoft MVP is an award and status given to technical experts in Microsoft’s products and services. Members of the MVP community stand at the forefront of technology, driven by a curiosity to explore new areas and innovations. They comprehensively understand various technologies and can integrate many platforms, products, and solutions. The MVP community connects thousands of tech experts from more than ninety countries.

Like any notable award that attracts attention, the Microsoft MVP is often surrounded by various myths and misconceptions. These myths can create confusion about what being an MVP means and how one achieves this recognition. To demystify the award and provide a clear understanding of its value, let’s review and bust some of these common myths. It’s necessary to know the facts!

Myths about Microsoft MVP

  1. Microsoft MVP is a kind of certification. The difference between MVP status and any certification is that while anyone can earn a certificate, the MVP title is awarded by a special commission without publicly disclosed criteria; this makes cheating entirely impossible, unlike with some certifications.
  2. Microsoft MVP is a Microsoft employee. No, Microsoft employees are ineligible for this award. Only independent experts can be recognized.
  3. There is a cash reward for becoming a Microsoft MVP. No. Cash bonuses have never been paid and are not currently offered in this program.
  4. Microsoft MVPs are chosen based on popularity or social media following. No. While having a strong community presence can contribute to an individual’s impact, the MVP award is about something other than popularity or having the most followers. It’s about the quality of the individual’s contributions, technological expertise, and willingness to share knowledge and engage constructively.
  5. An MVP must know all Microsoft products. No, this is a common misconception. The reality is MVPs specialize in specific areas of expertise. They don’t need to be experts in all products, but they are usually exceptionally knowledgeable in one or a few areas.

Ukrainians in the world technology community

Let’s delve into some numbers. Out of the more than seven thousand experts worldwide, twenty-eight Ukrainians have achieved this honored status throughout the award program.

In these challenging times for our country, Ukrainian MVPs are stepping up in significant ways to help Ukraine:

  • Some of us share our technical expertise and leverage it to support various government organizations;
  • Some of us help charitable foundations;
  • Some of us are involved in various activities like providing tech solutions for the volunteers;
  • Some MVPs outside of Ukraine are helping with logistics for the shipment of equipment for the Ukrainian people.

Our community efforts aim to bring us closer to our victory. We believe in the strength of our community and are committed to making the world as good as possible.



Andrew Gubskiy

Software Architect, Ph.D., Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.